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The somewhat cooler day was pleasant, or at least somewhat less unpleasant, but not sufficient to draw me out of the apartment before seven o'clock in the evening. I only went to the Goodwill store, there being nothing I needed from any of the nearby merchandisers of new goods, and it turned out there was nothing I wanted at the Goodwill store, so the outing was only a perusal of books and a walk. I have sufficient books for the time being in any case, and an evening walk is a nice way to end a day, especially when the evening is not terribly hot.

Dusk was coming on by the time I got home, as the days are now noticeably shorter. Summer is passing, not too quickly for my comfort but a bit too fast for my convenience. Soon it will be getting dark too soon for me to dawdle on my way out the door. But once the days get cool enough I won't have to wait so late to go out, so it should balance soon enough. In the meantime I've still got crickets to listen to when I get back, so having my outings shortened a bit is not altogether saddening.

But tomorrow (today I mean— I keep forgetting that I'm not getting around to posting entries until after midnight anymore) I really must go out in the afternoon, as the monthly banking needs to be done, and one of the stores near the bank has a few items I could use that are on sale this week. It is supposed to be a mere 84 degrees. I haven't been getting up early enough to be fully prepared by the time the well-timed bus gets to my stop, but the absence of 90 degree+ weather will at least remove one powerful disincentive I've had to deal with recently. I hope it will be enough.

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