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Book It

I woke up early enough today that I could have gone to the bus-accessible stores, and I even planned to do so for a while, but when the time to leave neared I went outside and it had gotten so hot I just gave up on the idea. I'm planning on going out Friday, which is supposed to be the coolest day of the week (a high of 89.) In the meantime I didn't want to spend a third day mostly in the apartment so I went to the Goodwill store to look at books once the evening cooled a bit.

It was a lucky thing, since I found four. Two of them were books I used to have, though not the same editions I had, and not in as good condition. There were the collected poems of Wallace Stevens, and the collected poems of C. P. Cavafy. It was not too surprising that these two turned up, since both are quit well known poets who probably never go out of print. Some of the other books I lost will be harder to find.

Another book was the complete poems of Thomas Hardy, which I never owned a copy of before. Hardy of course is remembered primarily as a novelist, and I did have a couple of his novels, but his poems are highly recommended by Yvor Winters, one of my favorite poets, and one of those whose books will be more difficult to find. I doubt they will show up at the Goodwill store, and I'll probably have to get them from an online bookseller, eventually.

The fourth book I bought was Kevin Starr's single-volume history of California published in 2005. Starr has been publishing books of California history for ages, and I've read some of his earlier works, though I've never owned copies of any of them. They are probably available at every public library in the state, so the library is where I got them. They were usually pretty pricey books, as academic books tend to be, but this one was a moderately priced paperback edition ($14.95,) and this copy being used it was was at Goodwill's usual paperback price of $1.99, before the 10% senior discount they give on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

So a break from being in the apartment and a decent book haul, and since I broke the walk up with stops at a couple of benches I didn't get too horribly sweaty from the heat. And when I got home I actually remembered that I had laundry to do, so I did that. In act I've got the first load to fold right now, and the second load is to come out o the dryer in half an hour or so. I'm going to go listen to crickets for a while (not for too long, since it's still eighty degrees out there) and then have a snack (something chilled) and read for a while. I hope to maintain the sleep schedule I had last night, which got me out of bed well before noon today. Tomorrow is supposed to be really hot again, but it should get quite a bit less hot Thursday. Next week is predicted to be less horrendous than this week, so maybe I will survive August after all.

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