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Today I got an unexpected ride to Safeway, so that task is out of the way for the week. Traffic was unusually light for a Saturday afternoon, probably due to the appalling heat. It was still very hot this evening when I walked over to CVS for beer, and is still pretty hot even now. We are to have three warm nights in a row before we finally get back down to a low of 65 Tuesday night. Temperatures have been above normal for the time of year for quite some time, and I'm hoping there will be a period of below normal to balance things out, but I wouldn't count on it. Wishing for a bit of rain in September and October is probably pointless.

Safeway finally got some Ocean Spray red grapefruit juice in. It's been missing from all the stores for a couple of months, and I was afraid they'd discontinued it. I tried a couple of substitutes, but they weren't very good. I'm so glad to have this stuff back that I paid full price for a bottle of it. For me to pay full price for something is evidence of serious desperation. I'll probably have a nightmare about it tonight, but at least I'll have red grapefruit juice tomorrow.

I have no idea what else I'll have tomorrow. Since I've been to the store I certainly won't be getting a ride anywhere, and the buses don't run on Sunday, so I guess I'll be around here. There's nothing more I need from Grocery Outlet or CVS or Trader Joe's or any of the other stores in or near the Plaza. I checked on Goodwill's books this evening, and there was nothing new that I wanted, and odds are they won't restock tomorrow. My guess is I'll have a very dull very hot day, unless something unexpected happens. I don't particularly want anything unexpected to happen, though, since my experience has been that the unexpected is more often unpleasant than pleasant. For example, I've heard it said that nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. That would be a prime example. Plus I just got that unexpected ride today, so I'm not really due for the pleasantly unexpected.

But if something pleasantly unexpected happens anyway, that could be a nice bonus. A lower temperature than predicted, for example, would be unexpected but pleasant. The opposite would be more likely to happen, though, and I certainly wouldn't want it to get any hotter, so I think I'll just settle for the dullness.

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