rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

August, Alas

The mockingbird, who had not been very active during the recent horrendously hot days, was singing a bit today, now that it's merely quite unpleasantly hot. I didn't spend much time listening, since it was, you know, too hot, but it was nice to hear a bit of mockingbird music again. The respite won't be lasting long, though, as we've got another very hot spell coming up again. August is looking fairly grim already, though the high of 89 and low of 62 are still predicted for next Thursday. Only a week away, but not a promising week.

This evening's excursion was to the Goodwill store, where there were no new books worth buying, and the Dollar Tree, where I picked up a couple of boxes of tissues, a three-pack of Nissin noodle cups, and two bottles of low-end-luxury soda; one root beer and one black cherry. There will be floats at some point during the coming heat wave.

One of the bus-accessible market did not send me an ad this week, so I'll have to use their web site to see if they have anything I want. The store across the street from that one doesn't have such this week, so I don't know if it will be worth my while to get out in the heat and go there tomorrow. There is also a Rite Aid in that shopping center, so I might check their ad too. But there would have to be something quite good to get me on a bus in tomorrow afternoon's 97 degree heat. Still, I hate not going anywhere all week, so I might make the effort. Depends on how early I wake up and how I feel. Today I wouldn't have gone out that time of day for anything.

Today I left dinner for late, since I don't like either cooking or eating during the hottest part of the day, so I have to make something now. There is some fresh corn to boil (the corn has been excellent this year) and some already cooked penne I can heat up in the microwave. I forgot to buy rolls for making garlic toast again this week, and the leftover hot dog buns really won't do as a substitute. It would be nice if there was a decent little bakery in the neighborhood that I could pop into for things like this, but I don't expect there ever will be. Bakeries are things you find in cities, not displaced suburbs that used to be (rumor has it) small towns.

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