rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Goodbye July

It's nice to be having cool nights again, even though the days remain unpleasantly hot. It will get hotter again over the weekend, but next week we might get at least one day with a high in the high eighties. It has gotten into the nineties every day for weeks now, so it's about time we got a break, even if it's only a tiny one. But lately I've been getting the feeling that by the time summer ends I'll have become so exhausted by the whole thing that I still won't feel like going out. I didn't go out today, though I thought about it for a while. In the end I just didn't have the energy.

Another thing I keep forgetting is that my hair needs trimmed. I like to hack the surplus hair off before I take a shower, but didn't remember to do it again today. It's starting to curl around and tickle my ears, which I hate. I I forget to do it next time I think I'll just hack it off after, and then take another shower to get rid of the stray stuff that gets down the back of my shirts and makes me itch. That stuff is even worse than the curls tickling my ears.

Odds are I won't get to Safeway this week, since I went on Monday and I usually only get a ride about every other week. It's to bad since there are several good deals this week. There would be too much stuff to carry home on the bus, even if the bus schedules for getting to and from any of the Safeway stores were convenient. It's probably much too late for me to swear fealty to a gasoline powered Lord, though, now that my eyesight is so bad. The mechanical aristocracy consider the nearly-blind to be inferior servants, and instruct their minions in the DMV to reject us. I guess I'm stuck with the bus and it's tithes.

This has been another day when I've felt rather queasy off and on, so I haven't eaten any dinner. I'll probably fix a bowl of ramen again, then go read a book until I fall asleep. It's cool enough to have the windows open, and I can hear the crickets, though rather faintly, above the whirring of the fan. I'm going to miss those crickets when summer is over. But I won't miss the damned heat.

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