rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Folie a Steux

One would think that by now I'd know better, but I tried to get creative with dinner again tonight and succeeded only in creating an abomination. Some sriracha sauce helped make it palatable (though barely,) but I fear the consequences of so much hot spice will be almost as dire. I used the disastrous meal as an excuse to drink an extra bottle of beer, though, so silver lining.

I didn't go out today, even though it was slightly cooler than yesterday, and considerably cooler than tomorrow (meaning today, Saturday) is expected to be. It's still pretty hot outside right now, and going out to listen to the crickets tempts me to drink a third bottle of beer, though that would surely be a bad idea since I'm right on the verge of getting a headache, and more alcohol would surely tip me over the edge.

There is still no word on when I will be going to the bank, or to Safeway. I'm sure it will get done eventually, but I'd just as soon have it out of the way.

The headache is getting worse even without extra beer. I wish I still had one of the stocking caps that burned up, because I'm pretty sure the draft from the AC fan is aggravating it. It's too warm to wear a hoodie.

Jets keep flying over the neighborhood tonight. Maybe someone has declared war on summer. I can only hope.

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