rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Blasted By Heat Again

Making myself sick with cold stuff. When I woke up I had some unsweetened iced tea with milk in it, then later I made a root beer float, and then I had some grapefruit juice, lemon sparkling water and vodka with my lunch of cheese and bread, and then toward evening a Had a rum and coke before going out to see books at the Goodwill store (nothing new of interest today) and then I picked up dinner at Taco Bell so I wouldn't have to cook, and I had beer with that, and then later I ate an ice cream bar, and now I'm having some lemonade with more lemon sparkling water in it to cut the sweetness. There have been sips of water between all of these, and I nibbled at a few cherries. I'm feeling pretty sloshy. I doubt that my summer diet is very healthy.

The 102 degrees was as miserable an experience as I'd anticipated it would be, and whenever I went outside I was half expecting heat-stroked birds to fall from the sky at any moment, but they never did. They probably will on Saturday and Sunday when it will be even hotter. Friday is now predicted to reach 100, and I'm not looking forward to that too much. I've survived so far by spending most of my time in the apartment with the air conditioner going, and fortunately there have been no power outages. I did not sleep well lat night, and don't expect to do so tonight or anytime soon. Monday night might get down to 65, which would not be entirely terrible, so I might sleep okay that night.

Unfortunately sitting in the cold draft from the air conditioner is giving me some muscle aches, especially around my neck and left shoulder. I've got some ointment I can rub on those areas which sometimes helps, but some of the sore areas are on my back, and impossible for me to reach. I try to remember to drape something over my left shoulder when the air conditioner comes on but keep forgetting. It probably won't cool off enough tonight to turn the machine of and open the windows, though then I'd need to have the fan on and that runs constantly, which might be even worse. It's too bad, since my crickets are chirping like crazy in the heat and I'd love to have a window open so I could listen to them without going outdoors, where it is still close to eighty degrees.

Oh, miserable season. Or, more accurately, oh miserable place. It's going to be in the high sixties and low seventies in San Francisco all week, with nocturnal lows in the fifties. How splendid it would be to be sitting by the bay watching the boats sail by, instead of stuck in this sweltering valley.

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