rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Things Done

I got the electric bill (with all the air conditioning I've used in the last part of June and the first part of July on it) and it's less than fifty bucks. I am astonished. I celebrated by heading to the Goodwill store to look at books, and I found a copy of a large hardbound volume featuring the front pages of The Onion from its founding in 1988 through 2008. It is quite splendid, and at $2.99 quite the bargain. I also stopped by Dollar Tree to pick up a bottle of dish soap, and decided to get a bottle of celebratory root beer too.

Today I also got word that the company my brother hired (in lieu of FEMA) to do the cleanup of the burned house has finished the job. I haven't seen it of course, but it's now a bare lot with all traces of the house hauled off to a toxic landfill. I'm annoyed that I never got around to spending a day up there rooting through the rubble to see if anything of value remained, or if there were any cat bones to be found.

Sometime in the next few days I have to go to the bank and take out $6,500 dollars for my share of the cleanup costs. FEMA had said they were charging $15,000 per lot, but my brother was mistrustful and suspected that they might charge more, since the insurance company had actually made provision for a bit more, so he went for the pricier private contractor instead. I would have just stuck with FEMA, but since I only owned a 1/3 interest in the property I was outvoted.

It doesn't really feel any different knowing that the remains of that building are gone. I never really liked that house. I certainly regret all of the things I had in it that burned, and most of all I will always be miserable about loosing the cats, but the building itself was just a typical, undistinguished, mid-20th century, suburban American house built of kindling wood, and it met the fate I suspect most of them will, eventually. I was never happy enough in that house to develop any strong attachment to it. I do sort of miss the yard, though, and watching the star-filled night or moonlit cloudy sky while listening to frogs or crickets, and being visited by skunks and raccoons and feral cats.

The forecast is still full of heat. Tomorrow looks to be pretty grim, with a partly cloudy sky and a high of 102. I still don't know if I'll attempt a trip to the bus-accessible store on Friday, which is predicted to be a mere 99. I'm not sure when the bank trip will take place, but since I will also have to take a big check to the post office that day I won't be doing it on the bus. Thankfully the bank is closed Saturday and Sunday, so I won't have to go out in the 100+ degree heat those days. There's no telling how bad August will get, but in these parts it is typically a bit hotter than July. September it should ease up, and there might even be a few pleasant days. I hope so, anyway. This summer is wearing me out.

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