rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This afternoon there was a sky full of small, fluffy clouds, like a flock of sheep wandering in a blue pasture. The clouds did not prevent the heat from increasing all day, and by evening the day sweltered under a cleared sky, but I went out and bought some things at Grocery Outlet anyway. The heat must have had me quite addled, as most of them were things I had not planned to buy, and things I do not need.

Two of them will be useful, as they are liquids that can be chilled and drunk, but the other things included frozen foods that will require heating to be edible, and the microwave will be inadequate for them. Plus my freezer, already full, is now likely to spill things out whenever I open the door. Unwisdom is an unwelcome gift of summer.

Also unwelcome is the forecast of a high temperature of 106 degrees this coming Saturday, followed by a nocturnal low of 75. This leads into a high of 107 on Sunday, with a low that night of 74. Truly a weekend from hell, or in hell. The only thing good is that the memory of those days will make the highs in the mere mid-nineties later in that week seem pleasant by comparison. I, however, will most likely continue to be deranged, in the unlikely event that I have survived that long.

I'm going to microwave a frozen tamale. The stuff I bought today that needs the actual oven will have to wait, probably until October. But at least i'll have one less tamale crowded into my freezer.

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