rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Same As It Ever Was

This afternoon I got a surprise ride to Safeway, and I acquired lettuce, cabbage, corn, baby carrots (not actually babies, but regular carrots cut down to baby sizes,) cheese, pasta, and some bolillo rolls. With what I've got on hand and what I can fetch from the nearby stores I'm set for the week. I also went to CVS for a six pack of Sierra Nevada Porter, which is essential for survival in July.

We're going to get another coolish night tonight, but after that we're getting a string of uncomfortably warm ones. Nocturnal heat means no real respite from the sultry days, so there will be much lurking indoors and complaining about the discomfort over the next week, and more. I'm already sick of my grousing, and it has barely begun. I don't know how I'm going to put up with myself for the rest of the summer. God, what a bore I'm going to be! I should probably just get drunk and stay that way until it cools off again. I it were possible I'd just take off for San Francisco and leave me here to stew in my own sweat, because I really don't want to hang out with myself when I'm in this mood.

The crickets don't seem to mind though. Probably because they've got their own places, and since they chirp all the night they don't have to listen to me kvetch. In addition to the two who live on the bike trail, there is now one in the bushes near my front door. That one does avoid me, falling silent whenever I go out there, but as long as I stay in the back yard they all keep singing.

I'm smelling a skunk again tonight, too, but it's farther away than the last one I smelled. The skunks in Paradise were far more gregarious than these guys. Stuck-up college town skunks around here, I guess. I'm probably not "hip" and "cool" enough for them. Sure, I say "hip" and "cool" as though they were still "hip" and "cool" terms, but nobody's on fleek all the time, guys. I get senior discounts, for crap's sake! What do you expect?

Time for a snack now, I think, and then some reading of words on paper. Tomorrow (well, today) is Sunday, and I've already been to Safeway, and most likely I'll do nothing interesting. Why should Sunday be different from any other day around here?

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