rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hearing Nothing

I encountered four cats on my walk this evening. It is cooling down, just a bit. Through the hot evenings, the cats mostly stayed out of sight, indoors or in some shady spot, I would imagine. Sensible cats. In summer, they come out late. I hear them yowling at one another from time to time. Sometimes I have to go out and break up a fight between a stray and one of my cats, who enjoy sitting on the dark porch. They probably observed the deer who left hoof prints in the flower bed again last night. Even with the computer off, I heard nothing. I would probably be amazed by the things that go on around here without my knowledge. The few noisy raccoons, hooting owls, and squeaking bats I hear are probably only a few of the creatures abroad in the darkness. There is an entire world of stealth outside of which I might be aware if only I had the eyes and nose of those cats. No wonder they prefer to go outdoors when the weather is pleasant. It is a nightclub for beasts out there.

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