rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hell is Dull

It's cooling off a bit faster tonight, and the low is going to be considerably lower than it was last night. The crickets are thus chirping a bit slower, so listening to them is a bit more relaxing. That doesn't make up for my itchy hand, which has suffered a mosquito bite. It's very distracting to have to stop and scratch every few minutes. So far I'm not showing any symptoms of West Nile virus, but early days.

There is a fresh six pack of Sierra Nevada Summerfest and a loaf of bread from CVS. I can make tuna sandwiches, though I'm not planing to do so tonight. Maybe tomorrow afternoon, if I don't decide to go somewhere on the bus. Tuna sandwiches are a much better lunch dish than dinner dish, though in truth they aren't much of a dish at all, just sort of an easy out when you are hungry and don't want to go to the bother of fixing actual food.

I've been thinking I ought to try to get to the library and replace my card. It's a County library system, so my old card would be good at the Chico branch, but they will know that the address on it is for a non-existent house. I seldom used the library in Paradise, but the one in Chico is somewhat larger and probably has a better selection on its shelves. I'm not thinking of books in particular, but of DVDs, which I could watch on the computer. I didn't need DVDs when I had cable, but now that I don't it has dawned on me that the library might have videos of English people murdering one another, which is something I have sorely missed watching.

Because it never cooled of enough last night to turn on the fan and open the windows until after I fell asleep, the air conditioner has been cycling on since yesterday afternoon. I'm imagining a very large electric bill. If this month's bill is large then next month's probably will be too, since some even hotter weather is coming up. Getting through summer here is becoming surprisingly hellish, yet terribly dull. Yes, I think I really need to see some English people murder one another.
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