rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Smell of Nostalgia

There is a scent of skunk in the air tonight. This is the first time that I can recall smelling a sunk in Chico, while I smelled them quite often on the ridge. I'm not surprised that there is a skunk here. Even when I lived in a part of Los Angeles deeply embedded in the metropolis I smelled skunks now and then. They adapt pretty well to moderately dense neighborhoods, and of course I know that there are raccoons and squirrels in Chico, so why not skunks?

But this particular skunk has reminded me of the pair of skunks who visited my back yard in Paradise almost nightly during the spring and early summer last year. I enjoyed watching them play after they had eaten some of the feral cats' food and drunk water from the cats' bowls. I hadn't seen them for a few weeks before the fire. I wonder what became of them? The people who have set up feeding stations for the cats and dogs still at large in the burn zone report visits from skunks, among other wild creatures, so I suppose my two former visitors could be among them. I hope they, at least, survived.

It was hot again today, of course, and isn't expected to drop below 70 tonight, so I've got the air conditioner going. It's set at 77 so the electric bill shouldn't get too high this month, even though I've been using the machine a lot. I believe today is the last day of this billing period, so I should know sometime next week when the bill arrives. In fact I just checked outside and it feels a couple of degrees cooler out there than it does inhere now, so it's probably time I switched to the fan and opened the windows. With luck the apartment will reach a decent sleeping temperature by five o'clock.

There are fresh donuts from Grocery Outlet for tomorrow. They had more of the lemon flavored donuts today, so I bought a box of them along with the usual chocolate. They also had some decent Roma tomatoes, so I picked up a couple of those, and a bell pepper, and a candy bar, plus I impulsively bought a package of that Jackfruit stuff that is supposed to be rather meat-like. I got the barbecue flavor. They had a curry flavor a few cents cheaper, but I'm not a curry fan. Even at Grocery Outlet, where it is half the regular price, the stuff is still a bit more expensive than some actual meats, but I've been wanting to try it anyway.

Tomorrow I need to fetch a couple of things from Trader Joe's, and will probably check the book selection at the Goodwill store too. I've actually got quite a good backlog of books to read already, but I like to check the place frequently anyway, just in case something I want very much turns up. Had I not checked frequently I probably would have missed the Dashiell Hammett collection I got a couple of weeks ago, which is what I've been reading lately. It's nice that the store is only a few hundred feet from my front door.

I should go read now, in fact. As soon as I fix a snack.

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