rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today was the hottest day yet, and I was glad I didn't have to get out and do the banking. However, I rather stupidly forgot to get the rent check into the mail today, which means it's likely to be a day or two late. That was the whole reason for dong the banking before today. But heat does make me stupider. I went out an hour or so before sunset to pick up some onions at Trader Joe's, and could have dropped the check in the mail box on the way back but totally forgot. I'd have to get it over there by eleven o'clock tomorrow morning to make sure it got picked up before Monday, and I don't even wake up that early, let alone go out into the blazing sun.

Tonight is going to be a pretty warm night, too, which means I might have even more trouble sleeping than I did last night. I didn't wake up today until one o'clock. That was partly because someone came and used a loud blower and power hedge trimmer on the landscaping (such as it is) and that woke me up too early, so I had to go back to sleep and ended up sleeping too late. Chico can be a rather noisy place.

My stomach hasn't been feeling good today, and I've skipped dinner again. I suppose I'll end up fixing some Ramen again. There's a whole refrigerator full of food that's aging fast, so I hope the stomach calms down soon and quits trying to set me on fire from the inside. It's going to piss off the sun, which believes that setting me on fire is its job.

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