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Today I woke up earlier than expected, and the day was a bit milder than recent days have been, so I was able to take the bus to the store I missed going to last Friday when I overslept. They didn't have a couple of the things I wanted, but I got the other sale items, so I still saved about three times the cost of the bus fare to get there. Then my sister called and said she would be able to take me to Safeway, so I got some more stuff there, including a watermelon that currently won't fit into my refrigerator and so remains uncut until I use other stuff up.

After I got home I decided to go to Kmart to use the bonus cash I got a couple of days ago when I bought a small reading lamp. They had their 14.99 camp chairs on sale for $7.99, so two of them cost enough to make the five dollars bonus cash kick in, so I ended up getting the pair for $10.98 plus tax, which is quite good. They are smaller than the chair I bought a couple of weeks ago, and pretty much the same as the older chair I already had but which is coming apart and threatening to collapse. So I will now have three usable chairs in the back yard, which should be sufficient. The place is getting close to being fit for human habitation.

When I got back from Kmart I found a package leaning against the wall nest to the front door (the mail boxes here are not big enough for anything other than ordinary letters an advertising circulars.) The package was from a book shop in Indiana, and it was a copy of Lucius Beebe's pictorial history book San Francisco's Golden Era. I mentioned this book, a copy of which I lost in the fire, in a recent LiveJournal post, after I'd bought another of Beebe's books at the local Goodwill Store. As I haven't mentioned the book anywhere else it must have been someone from LJ who read that post who had it sent to me. My thanks to whoever it was. I'm delighted to have a copy of this book again, it being one of my long-time favorites.

It has cooled of nicely again this tonight, and tomorrow is expected to be about the same as today was, but after that it's going to get very hot again. I'll have to go to the bank later this week, probably on Friday, when it's expected to be 102. Oh, dear. I hope the air conditioner on the bus will be working. It was okay today, but last time I went the bus I came back on was without it, and it was stultifying— and it was only in the nineties that day. But for now the air is pleasant enough, and I've got the windows open (I can hear my cricket) and the fan on, and I expect that the apartment will cool off enough that sleeping should be easier tonight than it has been recently.

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