rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I have lemonade. I put seltzer in it to cut the sweetness. It's not bad, but it won't fix my broken schedule or my inability to keep tack of time. Still, it makes the heat less onerous, and that's something. The ice clinks pleasantly in the glass, which fits nicely into the new chair's cup holder, and I can sit in the darkness of the back yard listening to crickets, and to passing trains that sound much closer than they are, and to airplanes and helicopters overhead, and to trucks on the nearby freeway, and all is not entirely wrong with the world. Lemonade obviously has healing powers, though rather limited.

This evening I used the current last of my $2.00 bonus coupons from CVS when I bought three of those little packets of ready-to-eat tuna they make now. They were already on sale at three for three dollars, so I got them for a buck, and used one to make a tuna sandwich for dinner. The cost of the other ingredients (which I had on hand) brought dinner to about half the cost of the bottle of beer I had with it. If I could do that every night I'd soon be the Croesus of my block. Or at least the Scrooge McDuck.

Lately I've been coughing whenever I use dairy products. The cough can actually grow quite intense. I had chronic bronchitis, which was aggravated by dairy products, when I was a kid, until about the age of thirteen or fourteen, and it's most distressing to have a childhood illness recrudesce like this. I suppose it won't be long before I'm wetting myself and will have to start wearing those adult diapers. Then I'll be forgetting how to talk, but by that time I probably won't care anymore. I never did it very well anyway, so no big loss. I'm really going to hate forgetting how to use the computer, though. Aging is such a drag.
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