rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Baked, But Not In a Good Way

No trip to Save Mart today, as I didn't wake up early enough. They didn't have very much on sale anyway, so my motivation was not very strong. In the end I didn't even walk over to the plaza, though it's time I should be checking the Goodwill store for books again. Good ones don't last for long there, and they put new stuff of the shelves frequently. I can probably make it over there tomorrow, it being only Saturday, although it will be ungodly hot yet again. It's still quite sultry here tonight, even as midnight approaches.

There are new vehicles in the parking lot, but I don't know which apartment they belong to. The two front apartments are still dark at night, and I know the cars don't belong to the other back apartment. Perhaps someone has just discovered that they can easily park here even if they don't live here. I've been here going on seven months and the place is still pretty much a mystery to me. All sorts of crap could be going on and I wouldn't know about it. Maybe the parking lot is being used as a drop point for a ca theft ring. Hell if I know.

I just wrote a dismal paragraph about feeling crappy and decided to delete it. It's probably best if I don't remind myself in writing how crappy I feel. A lot of small disappointments have been piling up on top of my already disarrayed life, and its like this aggravating has been baking it all into a big loaf of turd bread. I should just consider it a temporary condition and find something else to do other than fret about it and record the depressing details.

After spending a few minutes in the back yard listening to the crickets I feel a bit better. It's past midnight now and it is still unpleasantly warm out, but a very slight breeze has begun stirring so perhaps it won't stay hideous all night. I'm going to go read about Americans murdering one another, since I no longer have a television on which to watch English people murdering one another. I miss television. It was a good distraction. Too bad broadcast reception in Chico is utter crap, or I'd get one.

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