rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


To my great surprise (and the even greater surprise of the checkout clerk) the two packages of Magnum ice cream bars (total regular price $13.18, sale price $8.00) I bought at CVS this evening cost me a total of two bucks. I thought I only had one coupon for $1.50 off the sale price and would get the two packages for $6.50, but there turned out to be other digital coupons on my card that I didn't know would be applied to this purchase. $2.00 for $13.18 worth of ice cream? Sure, I'll take that.

Tonight there was, as expected, a considerable amount of exploding going on, not all of it from the distant official fireworks show at the fair grounds. Also as expected I was unable to see any of the display at the fair grounds from this distance. The rockets just didn't get high enough. There is video of other displays on the Internets, of course, but that just isn't the same. My inner Beavis is disappointed by them.

I've been getting flies in the apartment lately. There is one tonight that keeps buzzing around me. They must be getting in when I go in and out the doors, since I don't have any windows open. I'm going to have to get a flyswatter, though I don't know if my increasingly crappy eyesight is going to allow me to wield one effectively.

Yikes, I totally forgot I was writing a journal entry and went off and did other things or over two hours. Is anybody working on developing some sort of memory transplant? I'm ready to volunteer for the beta.

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