rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The good news is that there are now two crickets here. I can tell there are two because they are chirping in and out of sync. The new one is louder and closer than the old one, and sounds like he's right across the bike path from my back fence. When they go out of sync th old one sounds like an echo of the new one. It makes the place seem larger.

The bad news is that I didn't get to Safeway today after all, so there will be a hole in my diet this week (though there's no shortage of stuff with which to fill it) and a hole in my budget later on. I'm very disappointed in myself for not summoning the energy to get on that bus. This makes it more important that I get on the other bus Friday and go to one of the more easily accessible stores. But Friday is going to be at least five degrees hotter than today was. It won't be a pleasant trip.

Not only did I not get to Safeway, I didn't even rouse myself to get over to the Plaza or down to the Outlet today. I'll have to get to the Outlet soon, since I'll be needing more donuts. The new ads for the stores will come out today, so maybe there will be some things to substitute for the stuff I didn't get this week. I really need something to boost my mood. Not having my routine anymore bites as much as ever.

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