rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Too Hot Again

So I didn't get to Safeway today, and haven't heard if I'll be able to get a ride there tomorrow, so I have to seriously consider going there by bus despite the heat and the very inconvenient schedule. I won't be able to carry as much as I could otherwise, but I can still save fifteen bucks or so over the rest of the month by stocking up on as much as I will be able to manage on the bus. Fifteen bucks will buy two six packs of beer, with change.

Today I got a six pack at CVS, and found that they also stock the orange marmalade that I've been unable to find in the supermarkets. They only have small jars (which are quite expensive per ounce) but since I really want the stuff I bought some. I haven't opened it yet, but am anticipating it, which may be almost as enjoyable as actually eating it. So many possibilities. On toast, or a waffle, or ice cream, or grits. Good with sausage, too. Eventually I'll get around to all of them.

The cricket is still chirping loudly every night, which means he still hasn't attracted a mate. Once they do so their chirps get much softer. In Paradise I would hear a loud cricket for a few nights and then hear him get quieter, and then listen to the other crickets who were still loud. Eventually most of them would find mates, but here I think the solo cricket might never achieve his goal. It's possible that there are no female crickets within the range of his chirps.

My schedule is in considerable disarray anymore. I haven't gotten around to fixing myself any dinner yet tonight, and should probably get right to it lest I be up washing dishes as dawn arrives. Last night I ate too late and then fell asleep reading without turning the fan on to cool the apartment, and when I woke up around seven o'clock in the morning it was still 75 degrees, which made it difficult to get back to sleep. I don't feel rested when I have to sleep in a hot room. I'l be so glad when the hot weather is over.

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