rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Last Day of June Begins

This evening I wandered over to the plaza for a while, but I didn't buy anything. Obviously I didn't get to Safeway either, and haven't heard anything about getting a ride there tomorrow. It's important that I get there this week, as stocking up on the stuff they have on sale will probably save me close to thirty dollars later on. Some of it is stuff that is almost never cheap.

Other than the brief walk I did essentially nothing today. It's getting hotter again, and all I wanted to do was stay in and stay coolish. Tomorrow is likely to be a bit hotter still, though it should stay in the lower nineties through the early [art of the week. By next weekend it will be hitting 100. I expect to be totally enervated. I'm pretty tired right now. I fell asleep reading last night, and will probably do so again tonight.

Outside for a while, now that it's cooled of a bit. Maybe the mockingbird will wake up and sing a duet with the cricket for a few minutes, as it did last night.

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