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Cool It [Jun. 27th, 2019|12:32 am]
K-mart's system was still down today (a chain-wide event, the clerk told me) so I didn't make the purchase I'd intended. The bonus cash I was going to use or part of it expired today. We'll see if they decide to replace it with a similar offer when their computers are back up. They couldn't even take credit or debit cards today, so it was like the store had fallen back into the 1940s. Of course it's possible that this failure is not just a glitch in their system, but a preliminary to the complete closure of the company. I would not be surprised. It's bound to happen eventually, and sooner is more likely than later. I'm really going to miss K-mart, especially since it's the only department-store-like place on this end of town.

But rather than go home empty handed I stopped at Grocery Outlet on the way back again, and they finally had my bran of donuts back in stock. Not only id they have the chocolate I usually buy, but they also had some limited edition lemon donuts, so I bought a box of each. I'll be eating a lot of donuts for the rest of the week. Since there was still a bit of daylight left when I got home, and the day was not horrendously hot, I made a quick trip to the Goodwill store to check on the books, and picked up a paperback of Sophocles' Theban plays, a paperback of Armisted Maupin's "Significant Others" (which I'm hoping will be as lurid as his earlier works) and a big hardbound book called To the Ends of the Earth; The Great Travel and Trade Routes of Human History, which has lots of pictures to look at, though I have no idea how good the text is.

So I've got more stuff to read when the temperature starts to soar again and I'm stuck in the apartment. I haven't finished the other stuff I have, of course, but now I'll have a wider selection of unread stuff. The long-range forecast doesn't show the temperature soaring very much over the next couple of weeks, but it's still going to be pretty hot next week. Nights should be mild, though. Tonight is downright cool, and is expected to dip below 60. It has even gotten a bit breezy. What luxury! I might even put on a hoodie next time I go outside. I wonder if my brain will start waking up and functioning again? What a surprise that would be!