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While taking the wheelie bin out tonight I discovered that the cricket I've been hearing is somewhere along the bike path not too far south of this place. If I stand outside my front door I can hear it much more clearly than I can from the walled-in back yard. The front door is not a pleasant place from which to listen, though. It's all pavement out there, and there is a glare from the lights in the parking lot of the apartment house next door. I feel kind of bad for the cricket, being stuck in this place. It's no wonder he's all alone. The other crickets probably have more sense than to live around here.

There was good news in the utility bill that came today, though. Even though I used the air conditioner quite a bit over the last month the bill still came to less than forty dollars. That means I can afford to lower the thermostat a bit more, and turn the machine on earlier every day. Even though it is already quite a bit hotter than the previous month, and likely to get even worse, I think there's a good chance I can be more comfortable (at least indoors) without having the bill go over sixty bucks. That's affordable.

And despite this having been a pretty hot day I still managed to get my ass in gear and go on that bus ride to Raley's market, where I picked up a few good deals that will at least partly make up for not getting to Safeway this week (though there is still a slight chance that I'll be able to go there tomorrow.) I indulged myself by buying three apricots. I haven't seen them for less than $2.99 a pound for a long time, which is what they were today, and they are most often at least a dollar more. Apricots are my favorite summer fruit, but they are just to expensive anymore. When I was a kid we used to pick them off of the trees that hung out over the public streets in our neighborhood. I never expected apricots to become a luxury item.

One thing I keep forgetting to buy is a bottle of lemonade. I've been sitting here thinking how nice a glass of it would be right now. I could have bought some when I went to CVS this evening for beer and bread, but it didn't occur to me. I I do get to Safeway tomorrow I'll get some, even if it's not on sale, and If I don't get to Safeway I can always hit the stores in the Plaza once it gets close to sunset. In the meantime I'm going to fix a lass of ice water and go out into the sultry night and listen to my cricket.

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