rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Summer Underway

I'm eating some old macaroni salad for late dinner. I thought about cooking something, but not only is it hotter tonight, but I took the edge of my appetite this evening with a black cherry float made with the soda I found at Dollar Tree yesterday. The flavor o the stuff was quite intense, and not unpleasantly so, but the color was alarmingly vivid and turned my tongue a bright red for quite some time. Still, I'll probably buy more if they have it in stock when I get back there, and I'd definitely like to try some of their other flavors.

Today I confined my peregrinations to a brief jaunt to Trader Joe's for a pint of whipping cream. I used most of what remained of the last pint to put on some sliced peaches I had for lunch, and as I bought another pound of strawberries at Save Mart Friday I'll be needing the whipped cream. It sounds like my diet isn't very healthy right now, and that's right. I should probably look around for some protein, but I don't think there's much to choose from. I've got a bag of pea protein and could mix some of that into some grits, but it doesn't sound very appetizing. On top of old macaroni salad, nothing sounds very appetizing.

The only plan I have for tomorrow is to replenish my beer supply, which means a trip to CVS. With luck I'll get a ride to Safeway, but either way the beer run will have to wait for the less sultry evening. I'd really like to get back to the bus-accessible neighborhood Monday and go to the other store, Raley's, which has several items I'd like on this week's sale. It's usually the most expensive store, but this week they even beat Safeway on a few things. One of the items is frozen, though, and trying to get it back here on the bus would require some careful timing, and there would still be some risk. Buses are not always reliable.

Although days will now start getting shorter, hey won't be getting cooler. There are no triple digit temperatures in the forecast for the upcoming week, but most of them are expected to be in the nineties or eighties, and after that it gets worse. The Glorious Fourth is predicted to reach 99. I'm wondering how noisy it's going to get here that night. After 32 years in a place that banned fireworks and didn't even have an official display I've grown unaccustomed to all the bangs and whistles and sizzles and pops. I actually haven't seen any fireworks stands going up here yet, so maybe there won't be anything other than the official display, which I believe takes place at the fairgrounds, down on the south end of town. It's possible the night will be about as dull here as it was on the ridge.

For the last few nights I've been reading the Dashiel Hammett novels I picked up at the Goodwill store. I've finished Red Harvest and I'm halfway through The Dain Curse. It's been so long since I last read them that they have been full of surprises, as well as familiar scenes and passages. I'm going to get through a bit more of the book tonight. It isn't like watching English people murder one another, but it's enjoyable anyway.
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