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The mildish day and a not-too-bad night of sleep let me go on that bus ride today and pickup a few items at the store. And I only forgot two of the things I'd intended to buy! Then after the sun got low enough that there was enough shade I went to the Goodwill sore and to Dollar Tree. Goodwill had no books I wanted, but at Dollar Tree I noticed an unfamiliar soft drink in one of the coolers.

They are called WBC Craft Sodas, and I looked them up on the Internets and discovered that they are a Chicago company, and their stuff is quite pricey, which makes me wonder how it ended up at Dollar Tree. The particular bottle I got says that it is distributed by a company in Redding, an hour or so up the valley. Perhaps they just got overstocked because the product is so little known in this market, and ended up selling the overstock to Dollar Tree. On the Internets the stuff sells for way more than a dollar. One web site offered four-packs of their spicy ginger soda for $18.99. Other places offered 12 packs of various flavors for up to $49.99.

If the stuff I bought (black cherry flavored, as it happens) is good I'll probably run back to Dollar Tree soon and get more. The problem is I haven't been able to try it yet, as I did two stupid things. When I got it home I forgot to put it in the refrigerator, so it got too warm, and then I put it in the freezer to cool off quickly and forgot it again, and it froze up. Now I'm waiting for it to thaw enough to be drinkable so I can try it. I might go to sleep first, though, in which case it will have to wait for tomorrow. The addling of my brain, I fear, cannot be so easily remedied. I'm apt to be stupider tomorrow than I was today.

Speaking of sleep, I had a very odd dream last night. I remember only vague fragments of it, but it featured a cockroach that I was trying to get rid of. While I have not seen any cockroaches in this apartment yet, I have in fact seen one (or one at a time of more than one a few times) in my back yard. It is not as big as a Los Angeles roach, but it is way bigger than the roaches I saw only a few times over 32 years in Paradise. This silent cousin of the delightful cricket is one of the few creatures on earth I find truly repulsive. Oddly, the roach is really a handsomer bug than the homely cricket, but it is also invasive as hell, getting into places you don't want bugs to be, like your food. And they run like crazy in unpredictable ways, which weirds me out. I had a few bad experiences with roaches when I was young, and I've never forgiven the species for them.

But I don't want to think about bugs right now, and I hope I don't dream about them anymore, or if I dream of bugs I hope they are chirping crickets or colorful butterflies or cute ladybugs. Those are insects I enjoy living with.

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