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Not Horrendously Hot [Jun. 21st, 2019|12:46 am]
Last night I thought I'd probably go to sleep fairly soon, having gotten up early and being exhausted from the heat, but somehow I ended up lying awake until the morning light was in the sky. Then I fell asleep with the fan still on, and when I woke up near eleven o'clock in the morning the fan had sucked so much heat into the apartment that it was already 77 degrees in here. It was not an auspicious beginning to the day. Still, since it was a bit less sultry than yesterday I managed to survive without too much help from the air conditioner.

In the evening I made my way to Grocery Outlet for donuts and found they were out of them again. Last time they were out I bought a package of donut holes as a substitute, but they were not pleasant, so this time I bought a different brand and type of donuts. They are not bad, and not much more expensive than the kind I usually buy, but they are not chocolate, and they come in package of a dozen rather than half a dozen. I guess that actually makes them cheaper than the ones I usually buy, since I'm getting twice as many, but I can't eat so many donuts fast enough to keep the last few from going stale, so I don't see it as a bargain.

My one and only yard chair (a used one that was a gift from relatives) is starting to fall apart, so I need to get another. I've been looking at the ads from K-mart, and find their selection of reasonably priced yard furniture quite limited, but more surprising is the vast selection of what I can only see as high-end pieces that don't seem at all to be what K-mart should be selling. I mean who goes to K-mart to buy a $250 yard chair, or many even more costly items like couches and tables? It's no wonder the company is in dire straits if they are trying to sell things most of their regular customers can't afford. So I'm thinking I might get another one of the cheap folding chairs like the one that is breaking down. I haven't priced them yet, but they have them at CVS and I doubt they'd go for more than thirty or forty bucks. Maybe CVS will send me another 40% off coupon, and I can get one even cheaper.

I'm really hoping to get to the bus-accessible store tomorrow (today) since there are a couple of things I need that are better there than elsewhere. It's going to be even less hot tomorrow than it was today, and if I'm lucky I might even get home before it hits 90 degrees. But I've been so energy-free that time of day lately that I'm not sure I'll be able to do it. Being a non-motorist in an auto-centric place really bites, especially when the weather in that place bites even harder.

It has cooled off very nicely here this evening, for the time of year, and I'm going to go out and sit in my broken chair for a while and listen to the absence of crickets. Odds are good that the mockingbird will wake up and sing for a while, as it often does in the middle of the night. That doesn't really make up for the lack of crickets, but it's something anyway. In the meantime the fan and the open windows are cooling the apartment, so perhaps I'll be able to sleep better tonight than I did last night. I certainly hope so.