rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Keeps On Slippin'

Hunkered down in the air conditioned apartment all day until sunset, when I ventured out in the still sultry air to fetch some food (or food-like substances) from Taco Bell, so I wouldn't even have to use the microwave. But I survived the hottest-yet day of the year, and there are still no more triple-digit days in the long range forecast, so I could go on surviving for a while yet. Tonight is supposed to cool off more than the last few nights, and then we have a whole string of nights with lows in the mid-to-low sixties coming up, which will be nice even though the days are mostly going to be in the nineties. The anticipation of a cool night helps make a hot day bearable.

Tomorrow (well, today, Wednesday) afternoon or evening I'd like to get to K-mart (assuming it hasn't closed down) and spend the five dollars of bonus cash I got back when I returned the mistaken shoes. The store finally got in a stock of two-for-one belts, and they are only $9.99 for a pair. I have a new belt (much more expensive) so I don't really need them yet, but it will be nice to have them on hand since belts don't last very long anymore, and also because they (or the whole store) might not be there anymore when I do need them. I can get the pair of belts and one more tank top (so comfortable!,) which will put the total above the fifteen bucks it takes to trigger the five dollar bonus discount.

Even though I wasn't active through most of it, the heat of the day has left me exhausted. I sat in the back yard for a while, listening to the night, missing the chirps of crickets. There don't seem to be any in Chico, though I've seen many other insects. Now that it's after midnight the freeway has quieted down, and only intermittent cars and trucks can be heard. There is also a softer background hum, which at first I took to be an approaching train, but its horn never blew, so the noise must be from a multitude of air conditioners cooling all the little houses and apartments round about. Strange how so mundane a sound can fill me with an inexplicable melancholy.

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