rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hitchhiker's Guide to Heat Stroke

After taking the shorts to K-mart to exchange I went to Trader Joe's for milk and a giant chocolate bar. On the way out I passed through the liquor section and my eye was caught by a bottle with the label "Trader Joe's Rum of the Gods." An extravagant claim, which I suspect is untrue, but I am running low on Bacardi and since I am not especially fond of Bacardi (I used to buy Ronrico, but nobody has it anymore) and the store brand had an astonishingly low price of $7.99 for .750 liters, I decided to take a shot, figuratively.

After getting it home I had to take a shot, literally, and I must say I was not surprised to find that it's not very good. Since I usually mix the stuff anyway it's not a big deal, but I will not recommend it to anyone unless they are simply looking to get soused quickly and cheaply, and can't afford a bottle of decent paint thinner. Needless to say I won't be trying the Trader Joe's Vodka of the Gods. I'm now pretty sure the Gods Trader Joe worships are, if not false, at least utterly tasteless.

Interestingly enough, though the rum itself is imported from Barbados, it is bottled by a micro-distillery in Monroe, Wisconsin. I'm not sure what else Monroe produces, but if any of its businesses are in need of heavy duty solvents I've got a suggestion for them: just hijack one of those big tankers you see rolling into Minhas Micro Distillery.

I didn't make it to Safeway today, so the Wednesday-Thursday sale items will not be mine. None of them were necessities, but they would have been nice to have. Tomorrow (meaning today) I'm going to try to get to one of the bus-accessible stores which has a very good price on a couple of items, one of which is unfortunately frozen. I'm going to have to time it very carefully, and hope that the bus back is neither early nor late. It's going to be hell-hot again, not a hot as it was today, nor as outrageously hot as it's expected to be this coming Monday and Tuesday (105 and 108, respectively.) I have not been exposed to temperatures that high in decades. Actual, literal decades. I am not entirely sure I will survive them. If I don't, well, so long LiveJournal, and thanks for all the fish friends. Now where did I put my towel?

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