rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Hideously Hot Day

This evening I waited until near eight o'clock to make the trek over to K-mart to use that five dollars of bonus cash on a ten dollar purchase. I was still close to ninety degrees out, and the short walk (less than half a mile) was exhausting. K-mart didn't have its air conditioning at the maximum, but it was still a shock to walk in the door. They were also saving energy by having about a quarter of their ceiling lights turned off.

What I was going to do was buy two more of the muscle shirts for five dollars each, thus getting out of there for five bucks plus tax. Ah, but the sneaks had lowered the price of the last of their clearance stock to $1.97, but there were fewer than six items I wanted, so I had to pick out something else to go with the three I found that I did want, so I could reach the ten dollar threshold. I could have bought on of the 6.98 muscle shirts, but then I saw a really nice pair of shorts marked down from $19.99 to $11.99. Since all of my non-underwear shorts had burned up I decided I must have them for the hot weather.

I could have bought just the shorts, since they were over ten dollars, but since I had already picked out three things I wanted from the final clearance rack I just bought all four. With the three clearance items, one of which turned out to be $2.99 rather than 1.97, the total bill ended up well over the five bucks plus tax I'd expected to spend. I spent almost fifteen dollars, but now I have the shorts, another pair of lounge pants (this pair decorated with beer bottles, appropriately enough) another flannel shirt, and a really nice cardigan sweater (the item that turned out to be $2.99.) The latter two items I won't be able to wear until the weather cools off come fall, but then they will be good to have.

The sun set just as I left K-mart, so the walk back to the apartment was slightly cooler than the walk to K-mart had been. Had I not spent so much time picking out the unexpected clearance stuff I would have gone to Taco Bell and bought a burrito for dinner, since it was still way too hot to cook, but instead I just came back and turned on the air conditioner, then had an extra bottle of beer in lieu of dinner. I'm going to microwave something now, not because I'm particularly hungry but because it will give me an excuse to have another bottle of beer. It's still eighty freaking degrees out there!

But since I survived today I'll probably survive tomorrow, which is expected to be about the same. More triple-digit days coming up starting Sunday, but Thursday through Saturday are to be merely in the nineties. The high is going to be 71 in San Francisco tomorrow. Why do I live in the wrong part of California? Oh, right, I can't afford the right parts.

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