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If I had a hammer... oh, wait, I do have a hammer! Bought it this afternoon at CVS with one of the 40% off coupons they keep sending me. It's not a big hammer, just an 8oz one suitable for driving small nails and such. I mean I wouldn't try to kill anyone with it, since it would probably just injure them, but it's so rare that I need to kill anyone anyway that I'm not worried about that limitation. In fact the need to kill anyone with a hammer has never come up in my life, and I'm now old enough that it's unlikely to do so in the brief future remaining to me. I'm probably not going to build a house, either, which I believe is the other most common use for hammers.

It was pretty hot when I went out this evening, and I was glad to get home with my hammer and my six pack of Sierra Nevada Porter and my 1.75 liter bottle of Svedka vodka, which CVS happened to have on sale this week. With all the sparkling water I've stocked up on and a few bottles of Squirt and small cans of Coca Cola I think I'm just about set for the heat wave. I will be needing donuts soon, and I have another CVS 40% off coupon to use before Wednesday, and five dollars in bonus cash from K-Mart, and... oh, crap, looks like I'll be going out a few times despite the heat.

Triple digits tomorrow (well, today, since midnight just passed again) and maybe again later in the week. I'm quite sure my brain will be fully addled by Sunday. It's pretty bad right now, and I've got the air conditioner set to a balmy 77. It's still a bit warmer than that outside. Anyway, 103 here tomorrow, and 96 in Paradise, where I won't be. This is why I almost never came into the valley in summer for some thirty years.

An odd little flock of birds gathered on the utility lines along the trail this evening. I watched them for several minutes until their numbers began to assume Hitchcockian proportions, and then I came back indoors. When I went back out at dusk the birds had gone. I haven't checked to see if any of the neighbors are missing. Though come to think, it has been awfully quiet around here tonight.

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