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Addled [Jun. 8th, 2019|12:42 am]
Despite relatively pleasant weather the day did not go as well as I'd have liked, mainly due to my stupidity. I caught the bus, did the banking, then went to the store and pulled the shopping list out of my pocket. It didn't look right. I'd picked up the wrong list. So I had to try to reconstruct it from the flyer in the store, which took extra time, and even then I forgot a couple of things. The extra time meant I missed the first bus back and had to wait for the later one.

After I got home I checked the grocery receipt and discovered that I'd spent $3.75 for three mangoes that I'd thought I was getting at three for 99 cents. They had two different kinds and I'd picked up the wrong ones. And only then did it dawn on me that I no longer have the right equipment for opening up mangoes. It requires a large spoon which you slide into the perimeter cut to dislodge the fruit from the seed, and I've not yet gotten around to replacing the large spoons that I lost to the fire.

I'd planned on walking over to the plaza an checking out Goodwill's books and maybe picking up something with my latest 40% off coupon from CVS, but my earlier experience told me I wasn't fit to make decisions today. I sat around the back yard enjoying the evening shade and the songs of the mockingbird, and as far as I know I didn't do anything else stupid. Well, aside from eating beans and hot dogs for dinner. I'm regretting that, but at least I'm regretting it alone.

The heat starts picking up again tomorrow, but won't yet be so bad that I'll be unable to walk a few hundred yards, so maybe I'll go see if CVS has a big spoon of some kind. I don't recall ever seeing one there, but then I wasn't really looking. If they don't, there's a kitchen store about a block the other side of the plaza. I've never been down there, and I'm not sure I'll want to walk that far in the heat, but we'll see. The place looks like it might be pretty expensive, but then I've got three pretty expensive mangoes to dismantle.

There's also a Walgreen's I haven't been to yet across from the plaza to the north, and they might have a few kitchen items. Plus I could always check K-mart, where I have some bonus cash to spend (five bucks off any purchase of fifteen dollars or more.) Come what may, those mangoes must be scooped!