rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Respite

As much as I'd have enjoyed celebrating D-Day by invading France, I was unable to do so. I had to go to Safeway, and there just wasn't time for both. If only France was on the route to Safeway I might have been able to at least make a quick side trip. However, a couple of the deals at Safeway this week were worth missing France for. They included eight Hostess cupcakes and ten Hostess Twinkies, all for $1.98. Adjusted for inflation that's a bit less than a third of what I used to pay for them when I took them in my school lunches back in the 1950s. Of course the reason I was willing to pay even that much for them now is because they are nostalgia food. There would certainly be no other reason to eat these things.

As it was less hot today the trip was not unpleasant, and later in the evening I even walked over to the plaza and checked on the books at the Goodwill store and picked up a pint of whipping cream at Trader Joe's. The new hand-held mixer has turned out to be very good for whipping cream, and I will probably be shortening my life expectancy considerably with it from now on. I can almost feel my arteries clogging with every delicious bite.

Not only was the day less hot, but the evening cooled with delightful rapidity, and the last time I went out I was actually able to enjoy the luxury of shivering a bit. This is actually what it is supposed to be like around here in June. Though normal will vanish in a couple of days, I'm reveling in it while it lasts. I intend to go back outside and shiver some more momentarily. But then I must go to sleep fairly soon, as I still intend to make that bus trip to the bank tomorrow. It should be easier to sleep tonight since I won't be having the air conditioner periodically making a racket.

I'm not making any plans beyond tomorrow, since the unseasonable heat will be returning, and highs will be hitting triple digits by Monday. Maybe if I eat all of that whipped cream by Sunday I'll get lucky and have a heart attack, and die happy before the weather can cook me alive.

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