rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Uncool, Man

Another day hunkered down avoiding the heat. Arrangements have been made for a ride to Safeway tomorrow afternoon, and I'm still hoping to get the bus to the bank and another store Friday. I hope I have the energy for it, because this heat has been exhausting. Almost midnight and it's still 82 degrees outside. It's only 75 in Paradise. It's 62 in Los Angeles. What the hell am I doing here?

I'm starting to think that the pollen is worse in Chico than it was on the ridge. I've done a lot of sneezing this month, and way more than average today. But maybe the pollen just shows up earlier here, due to the warmer climate. In any case, this place is really wearing me out. I managed to get the laundry done today, but stepping outside to go to the laundry room was like a little visit to hell, and the laundry room itself has no air conditioning, so it was as bad. In the apartment I kept the thermostat set at 78, which is where it still is. I might be able to turn the air conditioner off and the fan on in a couple of hours.

Although the heat outside was very unpleasant I still had to go listen to the mockingbird for a while this evening. I couldn't stay out for long, but it was after sunset when I went out so I listened until it got dark. That bird is about the only thing that makes me feel at home in this place. Well, and the gecko, who was out running along the wall and up and down the fence for a while as I listened to the bird. I hope mockingbirds don't eat lizards, because that would really upset me, to have one of my two favorite creatures eat the other.

Tired, but not sleepy. I think I'll have to drink something.

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