rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sweat It Out

Another day indoors, as the heat cycle nears its peak. There should be a slight respite Thursday, and Friday might even be tolerable, but next week gets worse. April lingered through much of May, and now July is invading June. But I suppose I should be thankful that at last the fire season hasn't started in California yet, so the air is sort of clear. There is already a wildfire burning in eastern Washington state. I'm sure it won't belong before we start getting them, too.

The sultry evenings continue to be enervating, and dusk found me nodding off in the chair in the back yard, so I came in and took a nap. I don't like evening naps, but it felt essential. I did feel a bit better when I woke up a couple of hours later, though I remain a bit fuzzy-headed.

My backyard lizard (a gecko of some sort, I think) was very active today. I saw him (or her) running about, scampering up and down the retaining wall and the fence above it, almost every time I looked out. The creature must find the heat energizing. I'm glad somebody is enjoying it.

I hope to get out Friday and go to a bus-accessible store and the bank. Monday would be better timing as far as the banking goes, but it's supposed to be 101 degrees Monday. I ain't going out in that. I'd probably collapse on the street and never make it home. I'll just stay here and run up my electric bill. Summer. Central Valley. Ech.
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