rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Two excursions out this evening after spending the day hiding from the heat. I went to K-mart and bought three more muscle shirts, because it is clear that it will be a long,hot summer and I need something cooler than my current wardrobe to wear. Then I made another trip to get donuts at Grocery Outlet, but was disappointed. They had none of my first choice, and none of my second choice, and not even any of my third choice. I ended up buying a package of donut holes. I tried one when I got home and they are a poor substitute, but I'll tolerate them until I can get what I want.

I also decided to get a burrito from Taco Bell for dinner, so I wouldn't have to cook, even in the microwave. I actually haven't been cooking much lately, most of my dinners being sandwiches. I will soon be sick of them, though, so the microwave at least will be getting some use again before long. Probably not tomorrow, which is forecast to be the hottest day of the current hot spell. The good news is that later in the week we could get highs in the mere eighties once again, but the bad news is that next week is going to get hotter still, and will likely bring our fist triple-digit day of the year.

Other than that the day was dull, and though I managed to avoid any actual naps, I did nod off in the chair on the back porch several times after dinner. Happily, I didn't fall out of it. But I have once again developed a low-grade headache which is making me irritable. I have the last of the strawberries and whipped cream to eat as a late snack, and then I'll try to read for a while before going to sleep. The air conditioner is still humming away, but I'll have to turn it off soon as it is going to aggravate my headache. Aging sort of bites.

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