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A Day Late and a Dollop of Brain Cells Short

I actually wrote this post last night (and very early this morning) and then...D'OH!... forgot to post it. I only discovered this when I checked my feed a while ago. Fortunately LJ's memory is better than mine, and it prompted me to restore the saved draft when I opened the new new entry page. So here is Tuesday's entry:

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

The lizard who lives in my back yard was digging a hole today. It was a good-sized hole, right up against the wall of the building, and the net time I went out it looked like it had been covered up, and the lizard was nowhere to be seen. I don't know if the lizard buried itself in the hole, or just went off to hide among the leaves that now sweep the ground on long branches that have sprouted from the bush that covers the back fence. Perhaps the lizard is in that hole, but perhaps it laid eggs in the hole, and I will soon have a colony of tiny lizards living in my back yard. If so I'll have to be careful not to squash any of them in the sliding glass door. I don't think young lizards are very bright.

This evening I went off to the Grocery Outlet to replenish my donut supply, and also picked up a pound of strawberries. I still have whipping cream and angel food cake, so I'll behaving that again soon. I also ran into a nephew at the store, which rather surprised me as I never see any of the half dozen or so of them who live in these parts. This particular nephews house survived the fire, but he hasn't gotten around to cleaning it up. His neighborhood is still a mess, as are most of the neighborhoods on the ridge. Well, most of them are gone, with messes where they used to be, but his is only partly gone, though with a lot of mess surrounding and penetrating it.

Later I went to CVS and got a cheese slicer. I had a coupon or one free item selling for less than five dollars, and the cheese slicer was $4.49. I had one of these slicers ages ago, but its wire cutting device broke. I didn't really miss it once it had broken, but I'm sure this one will come in handy from time to time. I am probably far less likely to slice off a finger with it than I would be with the knife I would otherwise use for slicing cheese.

It's suppose to be 86 degrees tomorrow today, which is a few degrees warmer than it was today Tuesday, so I probably won't be going out until fairly late, when it starts cooling off a bit, if I go out at all.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

As predicted, today was unpleasantly warm. I stayed in all day, and then went to K-mart around six o'clock because I had one of their bonus things that gave me five bucks off a twenty dollar purchase, and I wanted to get a belt. Belts are almost never on sale at K-mart, so you have to make do with whatever discounts you can get. I was hoping to get a set of two for ten dollars like they used to have, but they apparently don't have those anymore, so I ended up buying one belt for thirteen bucks. To get the purchase up to twenty I ended up buying two muscle shirts.

I've never bought muscle shirts before because, well, I don't have muscles. Not that anyone would notice, anyway. I don't plan of wearing them when I go out, or if I do there will be something over them, but it was so hot today I couldn't resist getting something minimal to wear. I tried them on as soon as I got home, and though one doesn't fit very well, the other one is so comfortable I've been wearing it ever since. So comfortable! I think I'll get more. Muscle shirts are to the armpits what kilts are (said to be&mash; I've never worn a kilt) to the groin. I now regret not having bought any before now. I'm considering a kilt, too, but might settle for some baggy shorts.

It's going to be hotter tomorrow, but there is also rain likely, and thunderstorms. I saw a flash of what might have been lightning when I was in the back yard about an hour ago, but no thunder followed it. That sometimes happens around here. I can recall many times seeing flashes of lightning in the mountains with no thunder after them. In any case, it probably won't rain all day, so I might get out again, if the evening gets cool enough. But Friday I must go out, no matter how hot it gets, as I need to do some shifting of funds at the bank. Not looking forward to it.

Dinner was two hours ago, and right now I'm going to whip some cream to put on the strawberries that are chilling in the refrigerator. There will also be a piece of that angel food cake, which I hope to finish before it goes stale.

Oh, and I have to remember to actually post this entry. Better do that before I get distracted.

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