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It started sprinkling a while ago. We had some rain last night/early this morning, too, but I almost slept through it. I didn't look at the clock, but it must have been around four in the morning when a loud clap of thunder woke me. I think wind might have been blowing too, but the rain began coming down so hard that I couldn't hear it. I thought about getting up and looking out the window, but I was so tired that I just lay there listening to the rain and thunder, and after a few minutes I went back to sleep, the storm still raging. It was over when I woke up today, but the back yard was still damp, and the seat of the canvas chair was full of water. Luckily the lake didn't reform and come into the apartment.

It was sunny and mild all afternoon, and around five o'clock I walked over to Trader Joe's and bought some mushrooms and an onion. Some of the mushrooms were for dinner tonight, but I haven't decided what I will do with the rest of them. I don't have a whole lot of recipes that cal for mushrooms. I'll probably just end up putting them in Ramen. The onion won't be a problem, of course. I put onion in or on just about everything that isn't dessert, and I'm working on that.

The holiday is going to interfere with my plans, as sketchy as those plans were. I was thinking about going to one of the bus-accessible stores Monday, but when I checked the schedule I found that Memorial Day is one of the six holidays on which there is no bus service. They don't have service on Sunday either, so that's not an option. I suppose I could go on Tuesday, but that's awfully close to Friday and I might want to go that day, depending on what the stores have on sale next week. Plus it might turn out that I can arrange transportation to go see the cat who might be Jarhead on Tuesday. I like to keep my options flexible.

This evening I startled the lizard who lives in the back yard. I picked up a piece of paper that had blown into the yard and was up against the wall, and the lizard had been hiding under it unseen, and darted across the yard in (probably) terror. I put the paper back, but I doubt the lizard returned. Another gust of wind has blown the paper into a corner now. I'll get it tomorrow, if it isn't too wet out there, but I'll check very carefully first to be sure the reptile hasn't reclaimed its refuge. Aside from the mockingbird, it's the closest thing I've got to company in this place.

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