rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dullardry Again

So I went to Safeway and bought more stuff than I intended, which is not unusual. Still, all but one thing I bought was on sale, so my finances didn't take a big hit, and it's almost everything I'll need for the week, and a bit beyond, plus a bit of stock-up stuff that will last for several weeks.

Unfortunately one of the things I bought was a three-pack of 24 ounce cans of Modelo lager, and then I opened one to have with dinner. I drank it all, and it was a bit too much and has tipped me back into headache territory. I'd be trying to sleep it way right now but I forgot to do the laundry until rather late, and the second load is in the washer right now and the first in the dryer. I can't remember when they are supposed to come out, but I can't go to sleep until the second load is dried, which is likely to be well after midnight. I should go and check on them soon.

Although we aren't supposed to gt any serious rain until Sunday here, there have been thunderstorms in the mountains today and there is a flash flood warning in effect for parts of the county, including the area just south of Chico. Rain fell pretty fast in parts of the burn scar, and will run off quickly as well, endangering areas downstream. I'm sure it won't reach here.

Here it's nice outside. I'm going to check the laundry and then spend a while in the yard, imagining stars and frog songs while the freeway rumbles.

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