rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Head Games

Intermittent headache today, bothering me a lot right now. This will have to be short. I did manage to get to Trader Joe's to replenish a few items I needed after not going to Safeway or the other big stores this week. I also made sure to lay in a supply of chocolate, as it does seem to help a bit with the headaches. The only thing that will really help though is getting that neck adjustment from a chiropractor. I wish I had one within easy walking distance, but they are all of in other parts of town.

Hot day due tomorrow. The only upcoming day that it likely to be coolish (like 75 degrees) is Sunday, when it might rain. The chances are only 70%, though, and I expect they'll drop.

Damn that head hurts. And that neck. And that shoulder. Need to try to sleep.

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