rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dull Again

After last night's unintentional nap I was unable to get back to sleep until long after sunrise today, which led me to sleep from about nine o'clock in the morning until two this afternoon. This would have been a good day to do laundry, as nobody was around and I'd have had the machines to myself, but I never got started this morning due to the odd sleep schedule, and then just forgot to do it in the afternoon.

The emptiness around here today was odd. There are normally as many as five cars in the paring lot, plus two in the driveway, and most days at least three of them are here all day, but today there was only one car. There were fewer than normal all weekend, so it looks like somebody is away on vacation. I didn't see a single person on the property all day, and right now there are only three cars on the property. Maybe I'll be able to snag the laundry room or myself tomorrow.

I just reread that paragraph and it may be the dullest thing I've ever written in my life. I hope it is. I'd hate to think I'd written other stuff like that. I hope it never happens again. In consideration of that, perhaps I should end this entry right now, because there is not a single even slightly interesting thought in my head tonight.

Oh, but the cool weather is coming to a premature end. That's interesting, to me anyway, and rather sad. I was enjoying it, and was very disappointed to see that the forecast has been changed since yesterday, and the rest of the week is now predicted to get up into the high seventies and low eighties. Right now we're still getting some sprinkles. I might go out and enjoy them while I can.

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