rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Very Dull Post

The rain began in late afternoon, and has been mostly soft, but it still would have gotten me quite wet had I gone out and walked to anyplace near enough to reach in five minutes, so I didn't go. There has been intermittent wind as well, so even standing under the wide eaves a my front door I get sprayed, so I haven't had much fresh air today. It's pretty nice air, too, full of the smell of rain, and I'd like to gt more of it if the wind dies down a bit.

For an early dinner I made tuna sandwiches with one of those packets of prepared tuna they sell now. This was lemon pepper tuna, and it wasn't half bad on a sandwich. I might buy it again, if any of the stores ever have it on sale cheap enough. At the regular price I might as well just go buy a burrito at Taco Bell and not even have to make toast. But since I at it so early in the evening I'll probably have to make a snack before I go to sleep.

Tomorrow is expected to be rainy again, so it might be another indoor day, but Monday is still predicted to be dry. If I'm going to go to one of the stores this week it will have to be then. Thunderstorms are expected Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday could also bring a bit more rain, but I wouldn't be surprised if that just fizzled out.

It's getting chilly inhere now, and I'm expecting the furnace to come on shortly. The heat wave earlier this month convinced me that I wouldn't have to use it again until fall, but it looks like I might need it on several upcoming nights. I'll probably be needing the electric blanket again, too. May is behaving like April. I must say I don't mind. Just a long as it doesn't behave like July.

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