rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

You Must Whip It

Going to make strawberry shortcake. Well, not shortcake, since I don't have any. Neither do I have angel food cake, which is what my mom usually used. What I have is pound cake, so I'm going to make strawberry pound cake. But I do have strawberries, of course, and real whipping cream to be whipped with an electric mixer. As I didn't bother to look for a recipe before I went to the store to buy the whipping cream I don't have powdered sugar and will have to use granulated sugar. But then that's what my mom always used, so it should be as good as hers was. Next time I intend to get that powdered sugar, though.

So I didn't get around to going to a bus-accessible store today. I got up pretty late, and then couldn't muster enough energy to get out the door in time to catch the convenient bus. It would have been a nice day to go, though, being cool and partly cloudy. Later I walked over to the plaza and got the whipping cream at TJ's, and a copy of Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals at the Goodwill store. I had a copy that got burned up, and was intending to reread it since I was watching a series based on it that was running on PBS. I never got to see the end of that series, since I no longer have a television.

Monday is supposed to be much like today was, a far as weather goes, so maybe I'll go shopping via bus then. But the weekend is supposed to be wet again. There could be more rain Tuesday, but late in the week the cool period will be ending and it will be back to proto-summer next week. May will be ending in two weeks, so the warming trend won't bother me so much now. The summer solstice is only five weeks away now. The year is moving by quickly. They us to be longer, as I recall, but I guess they just don't make years like they used to. But I'm going to make whipped cream like they used to, right now.

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