rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


We've gotten quite an impressive amount of rain this evening. It didn't begin until about five o'clock, though the sky looked threatening for several hours before, which is why I didn't risk going out today. It has been raining steadily, and sometimes quite heavily, since five, and is likely to continue all night and into tomorrow. There has been some strong wind as well, and I've been half expecting the power to go out. The leak in the ceiling also stated dripping again about half an hour ago, but I don't expect the place to flood again. There is no lake in the driveway, nor any sign of a pond forming in the back yard.

Most likely I wouldn't have gone out today even had it not been raining, as the low grade headache has gotten an upgrade. My unadjusted neck has been quite creaky. I've only been able to look a the computer screen intermittently, as the glare bothers me. I'm unable to read much on paper, either. I need to turn the lights out and rest my eyes frequently. Since it's a nice, cool night I might make some hot chocolate and maybe some cinnamon toast, and then try to get to sleep early. The sound of wind and rain is not as pleasant as a cat purring, but I guess it's better than the noise of the freeway that it drowns out pretty well.
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