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The farthest I got from this apartment today was the mailbox. There was nothing in it but an ad from the local True Value hardware store. But I did get to hear the mockingbird singing in the tree at the end of the driveway. It wasn't around most of the afternoon, which was overcast but warm. The humidity made the noise from the freeway louder, so I didn't go out and nod off in the back yard chair this evening. by nightfall it looked as though it might rain, and though it hasn't yet there is rain expected tomorrow and Thursday. Maybe I ought to have roused myself to go out today, at least over to the plaza, since it might be too wet to go out for the next two days.

For dinner I got rid of a couple of things that have been hanging around in the refrigerator too long, and used their age as an excuse to drink an extra bottle of beer. I've been having quite a few extra bottles of beer lately. They make it easier to deal with Chico and its irritating noise and its pedestrian-hostility. I'm wondering how long it will be before the place turns me alcoholic. I'm already enjoying the fruit juice and sparkling water with a shot of vodka or rum with lunch, and the glass of sherry, or Kahlua and milk, I have with a couple of squares of chocolate before bed, so maybe being here has already turned me alcoholic. If it has, then alcoholism is an overrated stimulus to writing. I'm clearly not turning into Scott Fitzgerald.

The rainy weather is going to bring cooler days and cold nights. I was happy to be rid of them recently, but now I'll be glad to have them back. Friday is supposed to be both cool and dry, so it would be a good day to go out. It would be nice if I could arrange to get to the distant shelter where they are keeping the cat who might be Jarhead during this cool spell. Then I could wear the heavy coat she would be familiar with. It it's her she'd probably remember the smell of it, while the clothes I've bought since the fire would be unfamiliar to her.

The second beer is making me sleepy, and I've still got dishes to wash and new leftovers to put away (I made a surprisingly decent batch of cornbread tonight.) Anyway, my head seems to be empty of ideas now, so I should be thinking about getting to sleep soon. And of course having a couple of squares of chocolate, and some milk with a shot of Kahlua. And first a sniff of the fresh air on what will probably be the last mild night for at least a week.

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