rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Done and Delayed

Now that the banking is done and the rent check is in the mail, the rest of the month is pretty much free. But I have no plans for what I'll do with it, other than try to get a look at the cat who might be Jarhead. The smart thing to do would be to look for a chiropractor for my neck, and a chiropodist for my ingrown toenail, and a dentist for the missing crowns and broken bicuspid, and an optometrist to see about getting some new glasses that might allow me to actually see what is on the shelves at the markets. But all this requires transportation, and I still haven't mastered the local bus system.

I do still enjoy riding the bus, though not as much as I did in Los Angeles, and I still hate waiting for them, even more than I did in Los Angeles, especially on hot days. The places I've gone here haven't been anywhere near as enjoyable as the places I went in Los Angeles either, and I think that is one of the main things that is holding me back from going to more of them. Chico, sadly, is not an especially engaging or enjoyable place, and at my age I need more enjoyable, not less. I've been here six months and my accumulation of pleasant local experiences is still paltry indeed.

The most pleasant local experience I've had is still just listening to the mockingbird who continues to frequent the vicinity of my back yard. Sometimes I even hear it late at night. I don't know if it wakes up to sing, or just sings in its sleep. Either way its nocturnal music reminds me of a town crier, letting everyone know that all is well. Well, a well as things are likely to be in a place like this, anyway. The fact that I don't need to leave my yard to have the most pleasant experience Chico yet affords is not a powerful motivator to get out there.

Once again I nodded off in the chair in the back yard this evening (it was extraordinarily nice out), and that threw off what little schedule I'd had in mind. Dinnertime slipped right by, and I still haven't eaten anything substantial. I suppose I should go fix something now. I picked up some quick ramen at the store this afternoon, so maybe I'll microwave that. It's too late to fix the dinner I'd actually planned. That will have to wait until tomorrow, or until it rots in the refrigerator and I throw it out. But yes, I should eat something, if only as an excuse to have a bottle of beer. It's going on one o'clock. That patient beer has waited long enough.

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