rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Shh, It Happens

Today I got an unexpected ride to Safeway, so there's that taken care of. When I go to the bank Monday I can visit one of the other stores, which should cover most of the rest of what I need for this week, and Grocery Outlet and Trader Joe's should take care of anything else. I didn't get very extravagant at Safeway, though I did buy a ten pound bag of potatoes and two packages of muffins, four in each package. What with sale prices and coupons it was a total of about four bucks for the three items, which is the main reason I did it. I'll keep those savings in mind as I overdose on carbohydrates.

As midnight has passed again it is apparent that I've never made the transition to daylight saving time this year. My perception of longer periods of time is also a bit screwed up, as I feel like it is later in the month than it is, but the month is not yet May. I'm not sure my brain has even gotten through April yet. The only thing convincing me that it probably isn't still March is that it's been so damned hot. It's supposed to get cooler later this week, and there's even a slight possibility of rain by late Wednesday, and then again early next week. That should play havoc with my perception of time.

Arranging to go see the cat trapped the other day who might be Jarhead is still on my list of things not yet done. That list is getting longer all the time, but I suppose that's to be expected when April has already happened and,once it starts raining, it might still be March. If the future will insist on intruding on the past it has only itself to blame when it gets neglected. Meanwhile, I'm trying to imagine what this experience of temporal disruption will be like when I've carbo-loaded beyond all reason. Especially on those nights when I have insomnia. Or drink too much.

Reality is taking its own sweet time going nowhere fast. I hate when that happens.

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