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Time Not On My Side [May. 9th, 2019|12:58 am]
I woke up too early again today, but this time it was due to guys walking around on the roof, which is going to have some repair work done on it now that dry weather is here. Eventually the parking area is supposed to get sealed, too, and I'm certainly not looking forward to that smelly and inconvenient event. There has also been talk of a French drain being installed, which would bring more disruption. Last night I crashed almost as soon as I was done with the journal post, and that will probably happen again tonight. Somehow the whole day slipped by and I got next to nothing done, even though I didn't take a nap today.

This afternoon, like yesterday, got cloudy, and I heard what I thought at first was thunder, but it must have been the noise of a passing jet bouncing around in odd ways among those clouds. There are quit a few jets here, along with many conventional aircraft. Even though Chico's is not a major airport, it's awfully busy. Drug runs, I suppose. So it's planes and helicopters all day, and trains all night, and trucks on the freeway pretty much all the time. I'm still missing the chattering woodpeckers by day and the gentle croaking of the frogs by night. But I'm glad that the mockingbird is still hanging around.

Oh, I did get out to buy a meat thermometer at CVS today, and then stopped at Grocery Outlet to replenish the donut supply and pick up some impulse chocolate. But despite having the whole day to do it in I haven't gotten around to checking the grocery store ads for this week. I think that missing so many Safeway sales over the last few months has left me somewhat discouraged. It hardly seems worthwhile to make out a list every week only to end up not getting to use it half the time.

Because it's gotten hotter again I've got the windows open and the fan on and the noise of fan and freeway and passing trains reminds me of sitting in a coffee shop on a busy Los Angeles street on a hot summer day fifty years ago. It's a bit disappointing when I let my mind wander there for a while, and then come back to myself and realize that I'm actually here right now, and that I wouldn't dare drink any coffee this time of night anymore, even if I had any.

And I really hate when I realize that a stale, stupid cliché has turned out to be true, in this case the one about youth being wasted on the young. Worse is the realization that a related cliche, "if I had known then what I know now," strongly implies that wisdom is pretty much wasted on the old, and that is probably true as well. Why does time have to be such an asshole?