rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Both today and yesterday, I slept nine hours. I may be trying to catch up on sleep I've lost recently. It might be the heat. I prefer to indulge my hypochondria an assume that I'm coming down with sleeping sickness. I'm dying! Again!

There have been other summers as hot as this, but the heat usually doesn't become relentless until August. (I must by more ice cube trays.) Not even the gnats are stirring today. Only humans are foolish enough to go outdoors.

The neighbors across the street are having some sort of family gathering. One of their sons-in-law just went out to his car to fetch something. He is wearing sneakers, white socks, khaki shorts, a green and white patterned short sleeved shirt and a tie! Heh. There is no end of entertainment in my life.

I go to make more tea now. I ought to be making dinner. Things are all confused when I get up this late. I want my normal schedule back!
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