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Damn, I've done it again. Time just slipped away and midnight is almost here. I think the problem is that I always told time by television. I knew what time it was because shows came on at regular times. Now that I don't have TV I just have no clue what time it is. There is a clock down there in the corner of the computer monitor, but I seldom think to look at it, and when I do it's always later than I thought.

I got another 50% off coupon from CVS so I went over this evening and bought a two-pack of mini-pliers. If I can get the package of pliers open I'm going to see if I can use them to get the tough tie tabs on the hose and the package of garden implements I bought the other day untied. A video on the Internet demonstrated how to untie them by sticking your fingernail under part of one and pushing on the loose end of the tab, but my fingernails aren't tough enough. I'm not convinced that the pliers will be tough enough. I think the guy who made the video might have been a ninja, and that's why he could undo those tabs with such apparent ease. Ninjas have really strong nails.

The dog who lives on the other side of the bike trail is barking. Sometimes it annoys me that I can't see what he is barking at because the tall fence completely blocks by view of the trail. There could be an ax murderer back there and I'd never know it. I suspect there are many ax murderers in Chico now, because so many people with axes got burned out of Paradise. I think I might have had an ax myself, but I don't remember for sure. I know I had a hammer, shovel, snow shovel, hoe, some saws, wrenches, screwdrivers, rakes and brooms. Oh, and a toilet plunger. That I would also have had an ax would be a reasonable assumption. Those tools all burned up along with my pliers. But now I have mini-pliers. If an ax murderer from Paradise comes at me I'll just us my mini-pliers on him.

I might be just a little bit drunk. I had a beer while waiting for dinner, then another beer with dinner, and because it is warm in here again tonight and It was making me thirsty and nostalgic for Los Angeles I had another beer after dinner. I don't remember exactly when that was because I don't have a television, but I'm quite sure it was tonight. Dinner was just a sandwich so there's no cleanup to speak of (thank God any ax murderers who break in to kill me won't see a mess in the kitchen) so I might just try going to sleep now. Or maybe I'll drink some more. I'm still too warm, and nostalgic for Los Angeles. God, what a place to be nostalgic for! Kill me now, ax murderers.

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