rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

My grasp of the passage of time is getting worse. I thought it was going on eleven, and here it is past one o'clock. I thought I had a couple of fresh onions in my cupboard and in fact they have been in there so long they have sprouted. I didn't even notice when the white flowers on the bush along the back fence reached their peak, but now I notice that most of them have withered and fallen or started turning brown.

I got nothing done today. Friday was not too bad but Thursday and today I just totally vegetated. Today I didn't even notice it was happening. Though actually I do remember doing quite a bit of aimless pacing this afternoon, while my brain rattled on about something I've now forgotten.

Right now I don't feel like sleeping, but I want to get up early tomorrow so I'm drinking another beer. Maybe I'll gt lucky and pass out. More likely I'l try to read and be unable to concentrate, and end up staring at the walls and listening to the trucks going by on the freeway. I miss the soothing music of the nocturnal frogs. I miss the purring of my cats.

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